2018 Sun Life Walk to Cure Diabetes for JDRF - 2018 Sun Life Walk to Cure Diabetes for JDRF
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Here we are again.

Another year and another walk.

Teagan has had another interesting year with lots of fun, excitement and firsts.

She traveled to Europe. (6 cities in 27 days) Spent 2 weeks at sleepover camp (Camp Huronda)  Was on the ice playing spring and winter hockey for more hours than a professional.  She really improved her water-skiing and swimming as well.  She even got to hit the ski slopes again.

Through it all diabetes was there.

Treating a low blood sugar while on the Eiffel Tower.  Bolusing for a pain au chocolat while at Notre Dame.  Correcting a high blood sugar on the Spanish Steps.  Trying to figure out the amount of carbs in meals when the waiter speaks very little English.

There was finger pokes in the boat and gummies between ski runs.  Bottles of liquid sugar gulped during hockey games and practices.

Through most of it Teagan smiled.  She is a happy kid... most of the time.

Sometimes she is unhappy because she is 10 turning 11 and can't do what she wants.  That is when she hears the familiar "suck it up buttercup".

But the times when she is unhappy because she can't just be like other kids.  The times when she has to stop having fun to check her blood sugar or drink some juice when she isn't thirsty are the times that break our hearts.

We would take this on for her in a heartbeat if we could. But we can't.

All we can do is try to raise some funds for continued research and that is where we need your help.

Please consider donating to Team Teagan and hopefully we will get to a day where all of her ups and downs are unrelated to her disease, Type 1 Diabetes. 

Thank you for your continued support.


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